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June 25... I'm due to have a baby girl in late October, and unfortunately will be going on a hiatus with the rabbitry, because my husband will be gone as well, training in boot camp for the Army. Because of this, I've sold the majority of my bunnies. They will be missed!!

Latest news...

September 16... Promise has been sold! All bunnies are sold! (Except for the few I'm keeping)

September 11... Foundation bunny, Bella, was sold! The only bunny left for sale is Promise! See the "BUNNIES FOR SALE" page to see her. She's a gorgeous blue-eyed white, and she's a sweetheart.

July 18... One of Bella's kits have become available! See the "BUNNIES FOR SALE" page to see her!!

July 3... Foundation Bunny, Blizzard, was sold! He will be missed!!

June 25... All of Bella's kits have been spoken for!

May 13... Bella gave birth to 4 healthy kits and 1 stillborn on Mother's Day (May 8th). I'm so proud of her! She is a great mom.

May 1... I palpated Bella a few days ago, and I am about 70% sure she is pregnant. If I am correct, her kits should be born in mid-May. Because she is a first-time mom, I'm not expecting a healthy litter, so you cannot request from this litter. Who knows? Maybe she'll have a healthy litter! Pray for her. 

Apr. 25... There are currently no rabbits available!

 Apr. 13... There was an accident in the rabbitry today... Bella's gate was not closed completely and she escaped into the "hoppy area" with Blizzard. She may be pregnant. I will palpate her in a couple weeks. Fortunately, she is of age to breed, but I wasn't planning on breeding her.

Apr. 7... Promise's litter will be ready by next Wednesday!

Mar. 20... Two of Promise's five kits have been spoken for!

Mar. 14... Patches and Milo have been sold! I will miss them a lot. They are such sweet rabbits, and I wish them the best. Patches and Milo, may you have long, healthy, hoppy lives!

Mar. 8... I've decided to sell Patches and Milo... I simply don't have the time to give them the care and attention they deserve. I love them both dearly, and hope to find them a home that can give them what they deserve always! If you are interested in Patches and Milo, see the "BUNNIES FOR SALE" page!

Feb. 27... Updated pics of Blizzard X Promise litter... They are adorable!! Only 2 are left unspoken for!

Feb. 13... Promise gave birth to 5 healthy Blue-Eyed White kits! =) In the above photo, the marks on the ears are used for identification. Their identificational names are Jelly, Bean, Creme, Egg, and CB (Chocolate Bunny). They will be ready a week before Easter. Hooray!!

Feb. 6... Another bunny sold! Only one more of Promise's kits available!

Feb. 2... I've decided to work with more colors -- not just Tort. and Blue-Eyed White. I might sell my BEW herd buck, Blizzard... depending on how Promise's litter turns out. I want to start working on Blacks and Frostys, and possibly Blues, Sable Points, and Lilacs. If you have any of these colors available, let me know. =)  

Jan. 15... First baby rabbit sold! Only [three] of Promise's kits are left to sell!!

Jan 13...Promise and Blizzard were bred today! Hoping for a nice litter of healthy BEWs in mid February!!

Tail of Two Bunnies Rabbitry... is an ARBA (American Rabbit Breeders Association) registered rabbitry located about an hour southeast of Denver, Colorado in a small town called Elizabeth. This rabbitry began in around March of 2010 with the help of a very good friend, Melissa Wren. It began it's hiatus in June of 2011, and I hope to reopen the rabbitry within the next few years. Thank you for visiting my website, and thanks to for helping me to build it.

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