Bunny Personality...

A Mystery Unraveled... Sort of 

 I've not owned rabbits long enough to unwind their infinite types of unique personalities, and I doubt anyone can own rabbits long enough to completely unwind them, but I know and can observe enough to at least categorize different traits and qualities. The concepts are quite simple, but often difficult to notice. This section consists of three categories each with opposite qualities. Keep in mind that a rabbit's qualities are genetic, environmental, and past-related, so they are subject to change.

   First, is Shy vs. Outgoing

Signs that a rabbit is more shy than not...

They will shy away from strangers and visitors

They will keep to themselves

They act more independent 

Signs that a rabbit is more outgoing than not...

They will approach strangers or visitors early on

They will try to be the center of attention

They will be overall more active


There are usually an equal amount of Shy and Outgoing buns, but all in all, the traits speak for themselves and can be noticed soon after getting to know them. Many mistake "shy" as a bad quality, when in reality, I find the "shy" rabbit to be usually easier to bond with. :) 

Second, is Inquisitive vs. Bored

Signs that a rabbit is more inquisitive than not...

They will be more adventurous towards new environments 

They tend to sniff around A LOT

They will stay active for long periods of time

Signs that a rabbit is more bored than not...

They will sit around for long periods of time

They will go by a "routine" everyday

They tend to eat and sleep more


Bored rabbits are very rare in my opinion, just because the nature of a rabbit is to be curious or inquisitive, but it varies a lot with what environment they are in. If locked up in a not-so-roomy cage all day, they may become that way, which is very sad and the reason why I let my rabbits live in such a large and nature-friendly home. Inquisitive rabbits are the norm. :)

Third, is Cuddley vs. Dominant

Signs that a rabbit is more cuddley than not...

They sometimes lick your fingers or hand

They will act relaxed when you hold them

They will acknowledge and come towards you when they spot you

Signs that a rabbit is more dominant than not...

They will grunt or growl when you touch any of the stuff in their cage

They usually (not always) don't get along well with other rabbits

They are very smart and unyielding

In a NUTSHELL...(this one's a big nutshell though)

There seem to be more dominant rabbits, but not by much. Dominant rabbits are what some people would call "Mean" or "Angry" rabbits. Yes, a Cuddley rabbit is probably better for a young child or as a pet, but Dominant rabbits are perfect if you're seeking an adventure or a challenge. Dominant rabbits are not necessarily "bad". They can be very amusing to play with or watch, and who knows? Maybe after a bit of work, you can bond with one, and it will be that much more rewarding. You can even keep him/her as a "guard bunny" to attack that one person that gets on your nerves. :P If you can't handle the Dominant bunny, try spaying/neutering them, and it will almost always make them less "Dominant". Cuddley rabbits are cute and "blood-presure lowerers", and Dominant rabbits are exciting and a life-lesson learned.     

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