Bunny Links & Other Rabbitries!

I find these people to be genuinely honest breeders, who truly love their precious rabbits.

I find the bunny links to be generally reliable and helpful. 

If you would like your rabbitry to be added to this page, simply fill out the form below. Please return the favor by adding my rabbitry to your site as well. Thanks!! =) 

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Bunny-Related Links...


Rabbit Breeders





This site's purpose is to benefit bunny enthusiasts by advertising rabbitries and aid those looking for bunnies.






 The Natural Trail Rabbitry





This site used to be a rabbitry. It now contains a lot of helpful info regarding rabbit care and showing. It also has a page of rabbitries and an option to add your own rabbitry to the site.

Cherry's Rabbitry: Small Pet Feed Store




This site is a feed store for small pets run by Cheri. It is located in Colorado Springs, CO. It specializes in premium quality Colorado Mtn. Hay for small pets at a reasonable price. You can purchase a 5 lb. bag of hay for only $8.00! Just pay shipping. Email Cheri at buyerguaranteed@gmail.com if you would like information on any of her products. 

Rabbitry Listings... 


Wren's Sweetheart Bunnies Rabbitry

Located in Loveland, Colorado

Maintained by Melissa

Breeding Hollands, Lionheads, and Netherland Dwarfs

I strongly recommend Melissa's rabbitry if you are unable to find what you are looking for here! She has rabbits available at all times, in many different colors. ALL of my foundation stock was bought from her. She is kind, reasonable, helpful, and genuinely cares for each of her bunnies. She specializes in the rare BEW (blue-eyed white) color rabbits in ALL of the above breeds!

Her site... http://www.sweetheartbunny.com/ 

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Sleepy Hollow Rabbitry

Located in Medford, Oregon AND Pleasant Grove, Utah

Maintained by Kim and Julie

Breeding Holland Lops, Mini Rex, and American Fuzzy Lops

Their site... http://www.sleepyhollowrabbitry.com/


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Bunny Express Rabbitry

Located in Longmont, Colorado

Maintained by Marcia

Breeding Holland Lops and Lionheads

Their site... http://bunnyexpressrabbitry.com/



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Superior Bunnies Rabbitry

Located in Superior, Colorado

Maintained by Meleise and Sarah

Breeding Holland Lops and Lionheads

Their site... http://www.superiorbunnies.com/



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Meadowbrook Rabbitry

Located in Lafayette, Colorado

Maintained by Evelyn

Breeding Holland Lops and American Fuzzy Lops

Their site... http://meadowbrookrabbitry.com  



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Totally Awesum Bunnies

Located in Otago, New Zealand

Maintained by Kayla

Breeding Miniature Lops, Netherland Dwarfs, and Enderby Island Rabbits

Kayla says... "I breed and exhibit shaded and pointed variety Miniature Lops, Netherland Dwarfs, and Enderby Island rabbits in all colors. All stock come from excellent show lines and date back to Australian imports."

Her site... http://www.wix.com/tabunnys/tabunnys


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AA Rabbitry

Located in Willis, Texas

Maintained by the Websters

Breeding Californians

Their site: http://www.aarabbits.com/ 


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