The Story of a Fighter

This is the story of how a newborn wild rabbit fought for it's life. July 12, 2010, this newborn was found around noon in a backyard, carried away from it's mother by a dog. The dog hardly injured it. All that could be seen was a small punture wound on it's back. I've decided to try to take care of it, and do the best I can to keep him/her alive. Below are small blogs about how the baby fought to survive.  

Day 2 of life (estimated)


Bunny spent most the day trying to sleep and burrow into the fur and warmth. She/he wasn't so keen on drinking the KMR (Kitten Milk Replacer), but I managed to get her/him to drink about 2-3ml. To the right is a picture of Bunny nestled in Kaira's fur. (I saved some of Kaira's fur for her future litters when I shaved her during the hot weeks.)  

 Day 3 of life


Fighter (which we might name her/him) appears to be growning a little bit of fur. She (I'll refer to her as she from now on) is very cuddly, and loves to make soft barking sounds when she's hungry. Unfortunately, she's still not so keen on drinking her milk, and she hasn't gained weight.

Day 6 of life


Fighter is now more willingly drinking her milk! (: Yet still, she isn't gaining any weight whatsoever. I'm afraid to feed her more, because her tummy appears very round and full. I've heard overfeeding orphaned rabbits is the leading cause of death. Her ears are growing a big bigger and her fur a little longer. I hope she makes it. 

Lil Fighter passed away the evening of day 6... I will miss her dearly. She may be just a rabbit, but to me she is a hero. Now she is in bunny heaven, hopping in grassy meadows with her Creator. She is in her happily ever after, and that's all I could ever ask for.  

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