Bunny Utopia!!

One of the finest rabbit mansions to ever exist.


It all began with outside hutches. Then I realized... it get's way too cold here in Colorado for the rabbits to be outside all the time, especially if there will be baby kits involved. So for mine, and the rabbit's convenience, "Rabbit Utopia" was built, which includes individual indoor cages for each rabbit as well as an individual outdoor pen for each rabbit, by way of ramp. By way of gate, accessed only by the Bunny Utopia manager (me... and sometimes members of the family), the rabbits get even more room to be hoppy in a fenced off area. Check out the pics below. They are all so spoiled. (: 


Their hutches inside... my dad and I made those. (: 

Blizzard exploring and grazing in the late afternoon. 

The other side of the shed, with more pens. This is where the other rabbits will go. 

Blizzard contemplating whether or not to go down the ramp from his hutch. :P 

All the pens are in this pic, with Patches in hers. Blizz and Milo are off to the left. 

 A side view shot... you can see how the ramps connect to the hutches inside.

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