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There are NO bunnies for sale!!

There won't be bunnies for sale for a while, as this rabbitry is on hiatus. Visit again in a few years!

Please Note... We do not ship bunnies, and cash only please!



"Growing" means this rabbit is not yet old enough to leave it's mommy, but you can still request and get first dibs! You do not need to send a deposit if you request a bunny that is still growing. =)

"Pending" means there has been a request for that particular rabbit but no follow-through yet -- you can still request so long as you follow through before the initial requester. If the initial requester does not follow through within a week, I will change the status of the bunny back to available.

"Awaiting..." simply means that the bunny is awaiting pick-up from their new owner. You cannot request at this time.

"Unavailable" means that the bunny has been diagnosed with a physical condition and is unable to go to a new home at this time.

"Holding" means the customer is either currently unable to pick up the rabbit, or pay for the rabbit in full, but has paid a holding fee. (To hold a rabbit, I require a nonrefundable fee; $10 per month. If the buyer changes his/her mind, the entire fee is nonrefundable regardless of how long the bunny has been on hold.) You cannot request a rabbit that is on hold for somebody else.

"Available", obviously, means that there are no requests for that rabbit and he/she is of age to be given to a new home!

"Sold", also obviously, means the rabbit has been paid for in full and taken home by the new owner.

Why and How I price my Hollands...

The majority of my rabbits are sold at a "show-quality" price ($60 and above), though this does not mean they are all show quality. I do not show rabbits, therefore I am not very familiar with the standards of the Holland Lop. All bunnies come from excellent blood-lines, so there is certainly potential. If you want to buy one of my rabbits to show, send me an email and request for posed pictures of the rabbit you're interested in. You be the judge! =) Holland Lops are one of the most difficult rabbits to breed because of their large heads and compact bodies. Keeping them alive and healthy while they wean off mommy's milk is also very difficult. To sum it all up, my Hollands are priced in such a way as to pay the vet bills, maintain a clean and pleasant environment for them, and simply because they are difficult to raise from birth to 8 weeks! Because my rabbitry is so small, the bunnies are handled more than most, meaning they will more than likely be much more sweet and calm. I do, however, base some of my prices on color. The rarer the color, the more the cost. I will make a note under the bunny's info if he/she is a rare color.


Special Discounts?? Yes!

If you have purchased a bunny at my rabbitry before, you receive a 10% discount every time you buy another bunny!


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There are NO bunnies for sale!



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Information you must know upon purchasing!

With each rabbit, you will receive a FREE small BAG OF FOOD, and CAN receive a PEDIGREE (4 generations), a BIRTH CERTIFICATE, and a "RABBIT CARE BOOKLET" for those of you who are only beginners and would like to request one. This paper includes basic information such as how much to feed your rabbit, about how large the cage needs to be, and other important facts in order to keep you rabbit happy and healthy.

All rabbits purchased are ONLY to be used for showing, breeding, or as a pet, NOT for feeding to your pet snake. (Though I doubt any of you would pay that much money for a rabbit to feed to your snake; thus, the higher prices.) All must be handled with the greatest care. Rabbits take a lot more dedication than most would expect, especially for how small and innocent-looking they can be. Be sure to clean their cage weekly, give them fresh food and water daily, and spend time with them several times a week.

If you are not satisfied with your rabbit, return it to me and I will give you half your money back. Please do not sell to somebody else, give to a preoccupied animal shelter, or send the rabbit to a local pet store.


*          *          *



IF you purchased a baby rabbit from me, you may have also decided to take the "Rabbit Care Booklet" to ensure your rabbit lives a long, happy, and healthy life. In order to make this packet as accurate, creative, helpful, and interesting as possible, please rate it! Advice and feedback is GREATLY appreciated. =) Just complete the simple form below. I won't know who you are... so feel free to be frank!

On a scale from 1-5, (5 being the best) how "good" were the following?

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